Friday, December 26, 2014


Has it been 6 months? Do people still ready shitty blogs like ours? Don't you like our Instagram & Tumblr better? Do you miss my corny jokes as much as I miss telling them? Do you miss strange videos, old music videos, tits, ass, and rad finds? Damn it, we should probably get back on our shit huh?!

Well, hope all you are having a happy holiday. I really just wanted to stop by and say hello real quick & wish you a Merry Christmas if you like doing white people stuff, Happy Kwanzaa if you like doing African people stuff, Feliz Navidad if you like doinggg... oh nevermind I ran out of stupid jokes. Here's the Interview by the way if you wanted to watch it before it get's taken down (along with this site LOL).

And here's some TNA because we owe it to ya.

PERV! ;)

We're going to update our website & get rid of this blog & integrate it into the site EVENTUALLY - so thanks for fucking around with us until we do. Now go do something fun other than stare at your phone or computer or tablet or whatever the fuck the gov't has got you hooked on these days. We love you long time.

xoxo Boris "The Ladykiller" Changstein, Jr. Esq.

Monday, July 21, 2014


It seriously doesn't rain in SF. The Bay Area is still experiencing a drought - even though it apparently used to rain like a motherfucker a few years back. Whatever. Back East this coming weekend, it's going to be hot!

Monday, July 07, 2014



Satan Dillon • 5 hours ago

Even more ironic is how we're supposed to be stewards of God's creations, but the folks who make the most strident and deliberate appeals to Christian sensibility are the same folks who deny the effects of pollution, overdevelopment, income inequality, unjust discrimination, resource pillaging and perpetual violence; while also espousing unhindered commission, sometimes even praising the "virtues", of the deadly sins - except for lust, but double for greed.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." - 1 Timothy 6:10 

Most ironic though, is that those who claim to be the most Christian, are the ones least able to see the deception.


Hope you all are fully recovered from Friday's festivities! Iunno the smarter bunch of you probably are still camping out somewhere or taking the entire week off you spoiled fucks lol! So Happy Monday! Now what do I have for you today...? Hmm...

1. This song. This whole EP is sick.

2. This photo album. This whole collection is sick.

3. This code: Enter SICK at checkout for a sick 10% off your entire order from our Little Shop of Horrors.

Friday, June 27, 2014


To shoot this babe some of you might know...can you guess who our next official #Creepette is?!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Looks like fun! Even though they still gotta stop remaking shit...

Hahaha Michael Bay def has a boner for Megan Fox...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ugh been so tied up with other madness and updating all 50,000 other forms of social networking has forever incapacitated my ability to blog daily! How can I keep you loyal creepers updated with crappenings and tits and ass and stuff while all these beautiful Creepettes beckon me to get their pictures taken?! Life is full of difficult decisions, we know. More difficult than the time I had to wash my ex's accidental period blood off my mattress at 4am. Double ugh...!

So first things first – HI FUCKERS WE'VE MISSED YOU!

Let's be honest you spend most of your time on Instagram and are like fuck a blogspot hahaha so I'm not really feeling too bad about failing at posting here! But just for those who like to keep it real traditional I wanted to share with you a few things (and say thank you):

1. THIS SONG BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING AWESOME and because I fucked up by not posting it up yesterday like a good creep would have.

Pretty much describes my mood these days. And since our whole team is pretty much stoned 24/7 this song sounds even more sick. Picture racing down the road in Miami with 2 super hot babes, heading towards your hotel suite, where in the next scene you chill covered in bubbles, feeding them chocolate covered strawberries while popping champagne in a mint green, heart-shaped bathtub overlooking a sunset over the water. FUCK. I just made you hate your life didn't I? Have no fear, just keep supporting us and we'll at least be able to post a photo of it down the line for ya! LOL.


Took long enough but at least we're getting better right?! We still have a few surprises lined up for you guys too. A special artist series dropping in July, New party packs coming in a week, and of course I, Boris the Ladykiller will be shooting a bodacious Creepette for our official SS14 Lookbook this weekend! We think you'll like her... So yes bitch yes watch out for some yummy Creepstagram action soon!


Wanted to share some rad flicks from the party we co-sponsored last Saturday in San Antonio, Texas! Our homies KNOX & Le Doom killed it and we're especially stoked to have them as part of our Creep Street family. So peep the photos Ghostpizza snapped on Facebook!

4. There's really nothing for 4 except a reminder to follow us on Twitter for the latest nonsense, ramblings, or titties of hot bitches we can't post on our Instagram.

5. Oh yea Titties! Cuz it's Tuesday. DUH.