Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I don't really watch GLEE, but I definitely understand why so many people do. Let's face it, it's funny, it's fresh, has a interracial cast of good looking kids, covers lots of pop songs from the 80's to today, and is super gay boy friendly. Gay dudes love GLEE. Like, they really fucking love that shit!

Okay. Now back to the point of this story.

The ironic part about all of this Heather Morris leaking nudes thing was that I remember seeing that chick on the show last year (not knowing her name) being like damn...that girl is pretty dope, her body is fucking ace! So I decided to write her an email telling her about myself, and what I do & we became pen pals. Long story short, somebody should have told her to check certain boxes when uploading pics via MobileMe on her damn iCloud & now the whole world knows about the pics I have! Nothing is sacred these days!!! ;)

SO LIKE, DUH! Of course I'm going to be a fucking asshole & post these pics for you pervs!
Enjoy dickheads & dicklets!


Saw on Conan last night that GLEE's viewership went down 30% this season. Hopefully this will raise the bar a little...see what I did there?!

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Pete said...

Good work!