Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Was I the only one that was in love with the chick's in Beetlejuice's Dante's Inferno?! Again. Explains so much. Halloween costume idea next year ladies...hint hint! In other news – $20 tees still going strong with a nice portion of proceeds going to the Sandy Relief effort as well as the Holiday drop slowly materializing with some of your favorite designs brought back from the dead! To sweeten the deal we're going to drop a super duper BLACK FRIDAY code too. Fuck. But one day only. Think about it as getting to score with the hottest chick in school for 24 hours. What would YOU DO?!

So what's up Creepers? Did you save the date for our epic Horror-day party next month? We'll be posting all the details on advance ticket purchases & shit in the next few days! Shit! I know, you wish you were in LA, so make it fucking happen.

Apologies for lack of updates Monday & Tuesday! Literally red-eyed it back home to NYC, had some more "interesting" discourse with cab drivers about marriage & relationships, and pretty much spent the last 48 hours catching up with da homies & inducing self-loathing behavior! Mind you, most cab drivers in NY don't really speak English nor give a fuck about what you have to say, so shit, I feel special. Actually, I could barely understand what he was saying but it all made sense anyway.

Most of you smart ones took the week off, those with shitty bosses will probably make you work today, and those with bosses that secretly want to fuck you but don't want to make it obvious will give you a half day. So in Creep Street tradition (including the shitty post directly below), I'm going to drop you with a nice song to get your Thanksgiving weekend started out proper, and oh yea some rad tits to ease the traffic jam.

(Hahahahhahahahhahaha YES!)

Speaking of jam – What's difference between jelly & jam?


Love you all! Drive safe! It's assholes like you that cause all the traffic! xoxo
–Boris the Ladykiller Changstein Jr., Esq.

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