Thursday, November 22, 2012


How ironic is it that they don't celebrate TURKEY! harharharhar!

Look how much this little shit loves mashed potatoes!

On behalf of Creep Street & The Filthy Few we want to wish you & your families a Happy Thanksgiving! Let us not think about all the Indians that were killed by the Pilgrims, or having to see your cousin that you accidentally made out with last holiday, or your inappropriate alcoholic uncle.

Let us celebrate all the awkward family moments that make us all unique, and be thankful for all the great (sometimes questionable) food that allows us to be fat ass motherfuckers.

So yea, HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING THANKSGIVING! How many of you fools copped out & went to Boston Market instead to get food to bring over? Hahaha! Hope you're turkeys are perfect. Save us the breasts & thighs, we know what's good!

Big Black Friday code coming right up...starts at Midnight. You fools ready?! ♥

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where it's @? code, that is.