Friday, December 30, 2011

THE WEIRDO 111 FOR 2011!

Am I the King of alliteration or what?!

1/2 of The Infamous Creep Street Crew!

For today's Fuck Yea Fridays post I wanted to FINALLY post some REAL long overdue photos. I know, I know, I've made tons of promises about posting pictures from my trips, things got crazy, life went on, and well – proof of all the crappenings in my life got put behind. Way behind...

So here's to my favorite 111 flicks to end 2011 on a fucking awesome note. Well maybe not the entire 2011 but mostly within the past 5 months. I mean there were tons of pictures taken in Berlin, Stockholm, Vegas, Boston, New York, San Francisco & Miami for god's sake. Actually, I'm going to save South Beach Miami for a separate entry so scratch that one.

Whilst I'd love to post all of them and bore you all to death, I painfully narrowed them down to ones that I felt you'd appreciate the most. It's still a fucking shitload, so just let that fucking shit load! I thumbnailed them a bit this time, so just click 'em to make em bigger if your need to see them Creeper Cams in detail! Enjoy.


steve said...

what type of camera did you use for these pictures??


canon powershot300hs this little shit has a big bang!