Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sounds sexual to me. Then again, doesn't everything? This shit is rad. Apparently it took Heinz 3 years to design a new packet that you can use both ways. Well done you ketchup making if you can design a bottle that won't splurt that tomato fucking water jizz allover my shirt that would be awesome.


commodore sixty four said...

I thought that upside down bottle that came out a few years ago was supposed to eliminate that tomato water jizz but no go I gotta shake the bottle like a mental patient to get rid of that stuff.THERES GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY!


I will be the guy that has a stash of ketchup packets in the fridge.

commodore sixty four said...

oh gross dude i hate cold ketchup on hot food keep those things in the kitchen cabinet for when i come over for tots