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So any of you cult sickos know of this classic? Well, how I came across this gem was actually well, as random as I come across any of this other shit I post on this god-forbidden blog. But anyhow, if any of you had some time to kill on a random evening, and are a get ready for some nervous puke-worthy laughter!

Water Power is a pornographic film released c. 1976 directed by Shaun Costello. It was loosely based on the real-life exploits of the Illinois "Enema bandit", Michael H. Kenyon, who administered forced enemas to female college students in the 1960s and 70s. The film starred Jamie Gillis as a disturbed loner in the mode of Travis Bickle from Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. In preparing for his role, Gillis reportedly asked to be flown to Illinois to interview the man his character was based upon (his request was denied).
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"Hardcore Frank Zappa fans may be familiar with the...excerpt from his song “The Illinois Enema Bandit,” which was based on the strange, horrible, yet strangely funny story of Michael H. Kenyon who between 1966 and 1975 terrorized women of Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, and California through a series of, uhm, rather unique sexual assaults. It all started on an early spring night in 1966 when he stalked two sisters, donning a ski mask he slid into their basement window and caught up with them utilizing his three main tools of execution: duct tape, rope, and a hotwater bag filled with soapy water. The assault that resulted from this left the girls in a violated and vulnerable state, but on the upside they were now much cleaner on the inside had Michael Kenyon not been there to cleanse them from their vile humors. Kenyon’s enema assaults continued for nearly a decade, until he began to get sloppy (well, sloppier than usual) and arrogant by the mid-70’s.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came in 1975 when Kenyon decided to shit where he ate and returned to his hometown of Champaign Illinois, were the first assault had taken place. On a single night he attempted to break some sort of world record, bounding, gagging, robbing and administered enemas to no less than five separate women, one of which he later came back to and administered a second enema, in just a matter of hours. Kenyon left a muddy trail of evidence in his wake which would lead to his apprehension several weeks later. But by the time his case came to trial a very strange thing had happened.

Several of the assaults had outlived the statue of limitations, but to make matters worse apparently forcefully shoving a tube full of soapy water up a person’s ass and making them squirt out streams of dirty brown dishwater while you masturbate without their prior written consent was not only not considered to be a criminal offense, but was and to this day still is featured in the Zagat’s guide to Chicago quinine. Because of this, all the authorities could do was nab Kenyon on a couple of breaking and entering and burglary charges. Kenyon served a six year prison sentence and, with the exception of being a suspect in the 1982 Cyanide-Tylenol murders, faded out of the pages of bizarre criminal infamy and into almost complete obscurity… Almost. Had it not been for a few sub-pop cultural instances to keep the gears turning just a little bit longer. "  
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While I can't really give you a thorough review as I've only been able to scavenge a few small, but quite unforgettable clips here and there...this shit goes right up the Creep Street's must-watch list of fucked up films. I'm not gonna get into much detail but let's just say there was a lot of lesbo rape muddy butt spraying going on (hehe nervous laughter)...AWESOME.

The story in itself is quite difficult not to laugh at, though to be honest, I can't say how fond I would be of a forced enema. I actually prefer not to think about it. But watch the flick, all I can say is that the actors and actresses probably had a shit load of fun (pun intended) making it – and that's what we as a company stand for at the end of the day, no matter how messy it may get.

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