Friday, December 31, 2010

A YEAR IN CREEPING. thought this was just some clothing line?! This is a fucking lifestyle man! Do we get in trouble? Sometimes. What happens when we get caught? We usually get laid! (Special thanks to everyone who submitted you know who you are!) The click is fucking thick! The only thing that separates us from being actual pervy pervs is the fact that we yell CREEPER CAM™ and laugh really hard! GET BENT!

So cheers to a new year in lurking! Thank you to all the girls that didn't get my face re-arranged! I assure you no animals were harmed during this process. If you feel you got the balls, literally – to get further shunned by society, get your favorite Creeper Cammin' flicks over to If they rule, you already know how you will be rewarded, ya perv!

Disclaimer: We will be no way responsible or affiliated should you get arrested or incur any medical bills. But I will buy you a Four Loco for your troubles.

Oh yea...

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Anonymous said...

i am on here 4 times and i recognize 3 other lady friends. broaden your range boris!!!