Friday, December 10, 2010


The Creep Street Holiday 2010 Video Lookbook Teaser has finally been edited! Fuck! I don't know how Youtube's fucking Content ID covert conspiracy shit works, but it's scary as fuck! Well, at least you can appreciate the Youtube version is silent film noir! Wack.

So pretty much by now you shoulda been able to shop the new stuff on Karmaloop, with more stuff being added this weekend! But the more exciting part is that our Photo Lookbook & Online Store launches this weekend as well! That's right all the limited 40 oz. Coozies, Hoodies & Crew necks are available for you! Plus I'll throw in FREE Express shipping for all orders over $150. Talk about some Epic holiday goodness.

ALSO - the Snapback caps will be here at the end of December too, so save some money for those bad boys! Anyone that's in this business knows that the hardest part is actually getting the shit to come out the way you want it! But for real, I do this all for you guys. I always like to use the holiday season to get some more dark and sophisticated tonal creep shit for all you, and gnarlify it in the summer months (in case you're wondering where all the neon pinks went lol, plus Chris keeps yelling at me when I make pink shirts). Hope you can find all the movie inspirational references from the shoot! ;)

I really want to thank my closest friends here for help making the shoot happen. No, we are no Sons of Anarchy but we are indeed the Filthy Few Hated of the World! It's also fun to see your hot lady friends almost naked. So if you want some quality goods also make sure to cop something from their online store like a gangster ass American hand-made wallet or nice little fur accessory from Hartlett for the misses!

Support the real! Besides, I designed both logos LOL. I hope you enjoy the Creep Fast Die Last video teaser, and all the new stuff. :)

Creep Fast, Die Last!

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