Friday, December 10, 2010


They don't make movies like they did in the 80's & 90's no more :(.

Obviously because they'd rather spend the money digitizing it then building actual shit. I don't care if you gotta make a mini diorama and blow it up, damn some just have people physically make shit, and you wonder why our human race is on a decline!

But on the real Robocop was the fucking shit. From the evil corporations, to the craziness of Detroit (even though it was filmed in Dallas and other locations). and the cheesy dialogues, everything about Robocop is still pretty much relevant in terms of modern contexts. I remember how bummed I was when his own cops turned on him, and that time he got dissembled by those crooks. I feel ya homie, cats be hatin' and then they come crawlin' back when they fucked up. Some real emotional shit for me as a youth nah mean. And for all you n00bz out there, go rent this shit, smoke a little perron (thanks yaiagift) and get your head out the Terminator's ass!

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