Monday, November 08, 2010


SO - I finally got around to watching the Human Centipede OnDemand and well, I thought Creep Street should start to give more insightful contributions to it's Horror ties and all... so what better way than to start with this with movie reviews?! I mean shit, there should be some actual writing involved in this damn blog right? Right! I mean what keeps things interesting in the end of the day is the amount of gore and boobage and butts here, but let's not forget what brought us here in the first place - Scary Fucking Movies.

Now, Human Centipede isn't your typical Hitchcock sorta suspense, although it has hints of it from his films with obvious addictive characteristics of most European Horror movies. The concept at the end of the day is quite genius, simple, very memorable, and well if you can picture what it would be like to be the person involved in this sick experiment, I think you can fairly say that this movie is fucked!

My only complaint is the amount of graphic scenes, or lack there of. I mean I wanna see some Texas Chainsaw Massacre type shit - mouths cut open, assholes pulled, things being stretched (even if I have to look away from the screen). The main babe was pretty hot, but there definitely needed to be more TNA. MUCH MORE. However in light of keeping the film someone more sophisticated, I can part knowing that these aren't life changing scenes that were missing.

But like any good movie, there needs to be character development. That way you can feel and sympathize and get a gut wrenching thrill each time something crazy happens. Sadly enough, this film lacks it as well. We get this crazy spirited samurai Japanese guy in Germany, random, the pale bland white girl who dies from eating too much of her friends shit (and doesn't poop herself - mind you no one urinates at all in the whole movie I mean like wtf?!). Whatever, not to spoil this flick entirely, so here's some of my fav visual clips for you to enjoy!

Apparently they're making a second one too! With a bigger centipede blah blah blah 5 people? Hopefully it will go more into depth and detail graphically and story-wise on what could potentially be a great production or saga. If not, I'll just have to settle for a porn version and call it a day. Cuz Ass to mouth can be a good but weird thing at the end of the day, and a damn good day it would be (for me to watch).

Rating? It gets 6.5/10 scars. Watch it for the hell of it, but don't expect some ROb Zombie type rad shit. The poster get's a 9/10. Good shit. GET IT?! I guess probably the only scene that made me cringe (scroll up) was the poopoo all ova da face scene. Can you imagine? I was waiting for it as soon as they were sewn together! Ick.

Yours Truly,
Boris 'Ladykiller' Changstein Jr.


Andy. said...

Saw this in the theatre. The scene up the staircase was INTENSE.

Good... but it won't get a repeat viewing from me.

bobx said...

i watched it. it was ok. i wouldnt watch it again either. the poster makes it look better than it was.
and the picture of those chicks on the beach makes me want to see that movie....


Just noticed the horrific grammar and typos. FIXED!

Reggie said...

grammar errors still there. movie looks stupid/gross. ill stick with harry potter -_-