Friday, December 26, 2014


Has it been 6 months? Do people still ready shitty blogs like ours? Don't you like our Instagram & Tumblr better? Do you miss my corny jokes as much as I miss telling them? Do you miss strange videos, old music videos, tits, ass, and rad finds? Damn it, we should probably get back on our shit huh?!

Well, hope all you are having a happy holiday. I really just wanted to stop by and say hello real quick & wish you a Merry Christmas if you like doing white people stuff, Happy Kwanzaa if you like doing African people stuff, Feliz Navidad if you like doinggg... oh nevermind I ran out of stupid jokes. Here's the Interview by the way if you wanted to watch it before it get's taken down (along with this site LOL).

And here's some TNA because we owe it to ya.

PERV! ;)

We're going to update our website & get rid of this blog & integrate it into the site EVENTUALLY - so thanks for fucking around with us until we do. Now go do something fun other than stare at your phone or computer or tablet or whatever the fuck the gov't has got you hooked on these days. We love you long time.

xoxo Boris "The Ladykiller" Changstein, Jr. Esq.

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