Thursday, July 25, 2013


"We all make mistakes and we all have potential. I’m just someone who has made a lot of mistakes, recognized that, and really tried to learn from those mistakes. Smart people make good choices. That’s what a smart person is. A humble person... simply knows he doesn’t have it all figured out, accepts that, and tries to better himself. Don’t be proud of being an idiot, be proud of any honest effort to stop being an idiot." 

The good folk at Jenkem Magazine just published the craziest interview with legendary Pro Skater Marc Johnson. It was not only a refreshing read, but it's candidness, realness, and surprising humbleness about being a Pro removed all the smoke and mirrors of being in the Skate industry. Business is business and as many of us already know the sad truths of the Skate World, there are even more of us who don't. Reality just got real, and I encourage you guys to read the interview in it's entirety. It's awesome.

Love will tear us apart...

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