Thursday, July 25, 2013


My good homie Reg back in Queens sent me this video recently obviously knowing it would appeal to me in some way. If you don't really know much about Japan, it's culture, subcultures, and Yakuza Underworld it's definitely worth a trip to the library (or just google since no one knows where a library is these days). Better yet, save some money & make a trip out to Tokyo & experience it first hand – it's truly an amazing city. Many people are also quick to forget Japan survived a nuclear war, and even more recently a earthquake that rocked the world at their expense. The country though strange to us in oh so many ways, is nothing short of being one of the most awesome & interesting places in this world.

I've been lucky enough to have Japanese culture heavily ingrained in my life through my family, relationships & a few trips out far East. The video below is a very polished documentation of a small part of the Bosozoku – or Yakuza entwined Street Race kings of the night should I say. It's almost the lovechild of retro Japanese speed demons & American Biker gangs. The comments on the video via Youtube are pretty humorous. Those who have walked through Kabuki-cho know it is rampant with Yakuza & thugs. My only advice is not to let your ignorance & pride ("Oh these Japanese niggaz be corny attitude") have you missing on your flight back to the Americas. On a lighter note, the cars & bikes they build and kit out are fucking dope. And if you're a fan of drifting and and all that Fast and the Furious gumbo, know where it came from. Creep Street approved!

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