Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The funny part about banging chicks that aren't your girlfriend is that it's always a guessing game. Sometimes you're into the excitement & exploration, sometimes you just can't wait to kick them out of your crib & never see them again. But 7/10 times you will at least go for part 2, which usually ends up in a visit to her apartment. Now, that being said, you're definitely going to fuck again which is really no surprise, but the real surprise is seeing how homegirl lives. THis is the fun part. Sometimes you're pleasantly surprised by the hipster goth girl that is actually super rich & has tons of high end shit. But most of the time, you're going to get a girl that's pretty hot on the outside, but a fucking damn mess when it comes to her crib. And there's one word to describe it: FILTHY. Not Filthy as in oh shit Creep Street the Filthy Fucking Few awesome super duper radical blah blah blah! But filthy as in damn, girl clean your fucking room! Long story short, last chick I banged I just ended up going to her crib & cleaning her mirror. OCD, sorry.

So yea, clean your fucking mirrors!

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