Friday, June 14, 2013


Remember when I shot Erica in NYC a few weeks back? Well, here's a reminder! I talked all that shit about posting the pics up but long story short I never did, had to wait to get them developed, pass them to the agency, blah blah blah, but now I am, so enjoy this shit! Erica was not only a complete pleasure to work with but her mans was rad too, hanging out to make sure I didn't surprise buttsex her lol! And to further sweeten my trip back home, he rolled a fat one & we all had a nice little smoke sesh overlooking Central Park...God I miss New York! Shot all this shit in film so fuck all you fake ass photoshopping wannabe photographers hahahaha! Here are my favorites from the set... :)

Her man even had our OG tie dyed Zombie Faith tee shirt from our Dark Light collection a few seasons back. So stoked! Really getting back into the photo game outside of lookbooks so sexy ladies, please contact me direct at if you're ever interested in shooting! It'll be fun I promise! Coachella pics got done too so stay posted for those coming right up as well!

Enjoy your weekend creeps!

Boris Ladykiller Changstein Jr, Esq.

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