Sunday, June 16, 2013


Happy Father's Day to all our deadbeat daddies & shout out to all you kids that put up with them! Just kidding! Call the old man if you haven't already or aren't celebrating with him & tell him how much you like today's music on the radio.

Being a parent isn't easy regardless if you're a man or woman but the important thing to remember as a product of them, you have a responsibility not to them necessarily, but to yourself. Respect yourself. It's about enjoying your life but also knowing when the time to stop the funny stuff & take care of business. This is really so that if you decide to give birth to life one day that you will be seriously a kickass person that will be a kickass parent that gives their kids a kickass childhood, regardless if they turn out to be pieces of shit later in life. And if they do, you can bet it's probably because they like discovered Creep Street. Hahaha Happy Daddy Day everyone!

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