Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So we haven't done a #asswednesday post in a hot minute so today I'll dedicate this post to adult film queen Jada Stevens. Now let's point out the obvious, Jada has a amazing fucking ass. Cool. She's pretty fucking cute, has natural boobies, and seems like a chick you might have went to high school with & could still smoke a bowl & kick it with despite her stardum as pornstar. Rare these days. So hey Jada, we love you. Keep doing your thang! Creep Street approved!

I like the part where Eddie talks about shit being weird for like 5 minutes than it just being a normal thing. It applies to so many facets of life. People get intimidated by so much dumb shit, whether due to conditioning, society's judgments, or personal morals that they forget it's all about perspective. Don't be afraid of what you don't understand, chances are you'll enjoy life a lot more than you think. Stay creepin'bitches!

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