Monday, April 08, 2013


28 was a interesting year. I mean, you've passed the stupid ass quarter century crisis, you kinda know what you're priorities are, and you're fucking some pretty fine bitches. That being said, you're still a fucking young man, and being a young man you still make mistakes, spend frivolous amounts of money on god knows what, and can't seem to keep a cell phone in tact for more than a year. But that's okay, because that means you're probably partying, and having fun. And having fun is cool, because hot chicks like to have fun. And hot chicks are cool, because they probably like the Weeknd (even though they know like 2 songs). And lucky for all of us, the Weeknd has a awesome video for 28, produced by the same director as Frank Ocean's Pyramids. In other words, topless model bitches moving around slowly while we perv out. Tight. Smoke to this shit, fuck to this shit, and ride 28 like it's the last fucking year to live. Shiiiiit...

the weeknd [28] *nsfw from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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