Friday, January 25, 2013


We all knew when it came to Japanese cinema (actually most of it's culture outside the traditional parts haha) that things generally got weird. REAL WEIRD. I've watched a lot of Japanese film growing up from the obvious classic anime flicks all the way to shit like Tampopo to freaking genre specifics like Battle School Royale. You name it! But here's something to top it all off.

Zombies? Check. Big Tits? Check. Lesbian scene? Check. Tons of Blood & Gore? Check. Schoolgirls & Schoolgirl upskirts? Check. Martial Arts? Check. Butts? Check. Tentacle Rape? Duh. Fecal Material? What?! Huge Farts?! Yep. Anus Monsters? Obviously. Oh and did I forget to mention the part about the about Anus Monster Zombies covered in shit that rape schoolgirls that do karate and spill blood everywhere?! The trailer is so ridiculously funny it will have you shit your pants. Pun intended. Boys & Ghouls, I present to you ZOMBIE ASS: TOILET OF THE DEAD. Be warned. It's Danger. Danger! Danger! DANGER!!!

Obviously this movie had me in both tears of joy & WTF is going on?! at the same time, so if you want something "interesting" to talk to your friends this weekend about, this movie should do this trick. I even posted the full length feature for you perverted Horror fiends who have never heard of this movie!

Enjoy your weekend Creeps! Things are still crazy busy here now that we have to get SS13 going before the current collection even drops! It just never stops does it?! Getting another roll of film developed too! Feels good to get back in the game. The full Murder We Wrote™ launch is on it's way dickheads! Oh and Marisa Tomei is hot.

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