Friday, December 07, 2012


Been a crazy month of shit (as with most months), but especially this month! With all this crazy shit going on in our personal lives, plus a buncha friends losing loved ones it's sometimes hard to always stay positive. Luckily Creep Street remains fearless! We must keep it moving right?! The only thing certain in life is death & taxes after all!

On a brighter note, finally got that roll of film developed. Shooting film is so rad. Not rad in that hipster let me just walk around Brooklyn with my Yashica sense, but rad just because it's so...honest. Pictures the way they were meant to be, and with so much fluff these days, it's one of the few nice surprises to wait for once you drop your film off. You only have one shot, make it worth while. Here's a few of my favorites:

You fuckers in LA better be coming to our party next Saturday! You can buy advance tickets cheaper or just pay full at the door. Pick ya damn poison! Shit is fucking going down! Have a filthy fucking few weekend!

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