Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Out of topic for the creeps but just thought I'd share something smart I read on the NYT article on Lance Armstrong's fall from grace. We all wanted to believe in his legendary success story to the top, and we did. And now we all want to tear him down for it, because that's how our culture operates. There's proof he cheated, though it can be argued as well. WHAT THE FUCK is going on here?! Either way, it's a business as the Sports World is actually no different than Hollywood. Use 'em & dump 'em. And they wonder why every celebrity is secretly depressed. This whole ordeal makes Phelps smoking weed look like damn Jesus! Don't drink the Kool-aid kids!

Commenter Jan (USA) had a interesting statement:

I have a hard time jumping in to tear him down---he did what his sport demanded. . . same as McGuire, Bonds, etc. I'm surprised there are so many naive grown-ups here who are shocked and outraged. Haven't we had this story line since the the beginning of sport? Anyone who really follows cycling has assumed all along that he and most other riders were doping (thus the collective shrug from the cycling fans).

I wonder if all of those who are demanding something from Lance and demanding honesty would demand this of themselves. . .do you demand this of your political leaders (look at the amount of lies going on right now in the presidential campaign by both sides), do you demand this of your own boss, CEO/WallStreet types, and even our own kids (Cheating in school or taking stimulants like Ritalin are now necessary for kids to have a performance edge). . . . Americans are very good at thumping their chest and demanding honesty from people like Lance or Barry Bonds, but perfectly willing to look the other way when real people in their lives cheat in big and small ways.

Let's keep this in perspective. . . if you bought the charade you only have yourself to blame. Professional athletes are not heros or role models--they are paid performers.

I don't agree or disagree with Jan. When this whole shit becomes old news, I want to stress in your parent's voice: "this could all have been avoided if you did it right in the first place." Hahaha! Listen, this isn't really about whether he doped or not, or whether it was a industry practice. It's about what makes ANY sport, or ANY activity in general, honorable, especially to those who don't "cheat". It's about humble beginnings...fighting to the top at the 11th hour, and winning. That's the American Dream. There is nothing worse in life than being called a fraud. Some people are actually okay with being one ironically, but that's another story in itself. This kind of shit is just plain sad.

COME CORRECT SON! We also are selling you a dream in many aspects. One filled with skating, gore, fun, stupidity, and hot bitches! But who am I to tell you what is & isn't real...that's for you to judge. We aim to let you be motivated, to be excited, to know what our world has awaiting for you. I guess you can say Lance succeeded in that aspect as well. With the internet taking over everybody's lives & identities & "personas" these days it's hard to tell what or who's real. Sometimes, sadly some of us actually start to believe in what we create. Yes I'm talking about you Twitter/Insta posers! Ya'll ain't fooling the real G's! Long gone are the days we had to exorcise our demons to become better people who can function & socialize in society on a given day. Why bother when you can just sit behind your computer screen and pretend, right? I digress. Strange says continue to lie ahead. Do as you will, but just don't cry when your shit get's flipped. Because it will. Except unlike Lance Armstrong, some of you won't have a hundred million to chill on. I wish Mr. Armstrong & his family well. We'll never know what really happened, because we weren't there. Just know that everyhing happens for a reason. Stay real, stay creepy, stay awesome.  Amen bitches.

Boris the Ladykiller Changstein, Jr Esq.


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Pretty good post for being high hahaha