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What do we love most about Texas? The BBQ? Well, yes. But other than that, our rad ass friends! Nothing has gotten me more into "man shit" than my Texas family (haha Chris). That means, guns, steak, motorcycles, tattoos, and of course – Horror! I had the chance to do a fun little interview with a good homie of ours, Lawrence Mercado from San Antonio, who not only is a Zombie Apocalypse expert, but a professional movie makeup artist, comedian, and more importantly - plays in a rad ass band!

1. Hi Lawrence how are you?

I'm doing very well, busy but busy is a good thing.

2. Where are you from & where do you currently reside?

I'm from San Antonio, TX. I travel a bit but my home and business are here.

3. What makes San Antonio special compared to all the other big Texas cities?

Well I cant speak for other people but I think it's our big city feel with a small city mentality but I mean that in a good way. I love this place. When ever I leave town for work or just traveling , it's always awesome coming back here...its home.

4. Where's the best food spot in San Antonio that people have been sleeping on?

Well if you mean that metaphorically sense, there is a Thai place that's amazing called Thai Pikul I love going to. But if you mean in a literal sense There is a taco place downtown that I've seen people sleeping.

5. Best/ worst hang out spot?

Depends on what company you keep. Anywhere could be a best hang out spot or worst haha.

6. What do you currently do for a living?

During the day I work at a hotel but all the rest of my income is from being a Make-up Artist and working on films and photo shoots.

7. Hustling! You're one of the most hardworking/ talented guys I know in the professional horror makeup industry. Tell us how you got your start in it?

Well thank you for that compliment first off. I got my start working for an fx company for a year worked on some fun and not so fun films, got work with Wille Nelson which for me was a blast, he was such a cool guy on set. After a while I branched off to do my own thing in 2007 as NotBotFx and ever since have been (gratefully) steadily working.

5. Which was the horror movie that you believe changed your life?

Anything Jack Pierce did the make up for, which was a great big chuck of the original Universal Monsters, he did so much with so little at his disposal back then. Also the first time I ever saw John Carpenter's The THING. That blew my mind what to see the effect Rob Bottin achieved . Also one of my idols is Greg Nicotero and the whole KNB company. They are for sure a big inspiration.

6. While we're on topic, which was your favorite in the suspense/thriller horror genre of all time and why?

Well I love the classics so I'd have to say in the horror suspense, Psycho (but it's always a rotating door).

7. You're also one of the funniest guys I know, and you seem to be able to charm the pants of any girl - literally! Your wittiness ever get you into any trouble?

Haha well I'm not sure if I'd agree with you fully on that but I always seem to be "witty/funny" at the worst times. For example with my ex-girlfriend every time we would get in an argument I'd crack a joke or try to lighten the mood, she hates that. But I guess it was a defense mechanism.

8. Ok now to the juicy part! It's quite apparent you also have a passion for music – and you're in a band called SOHNS! When did you guys start the band?

Sohns has been a band since 2006 and I joined in 2009 and have this coming up your will be our 8th national tour. Pretty stoked!

9. Let's dig! What does SOHNS stand for and what filthy fuckers do you playing in the band?

Haha SOHNS as far is I know is German for Son but there also use to be a girl in the band so the H was for Her in soHns. I also like to tell people that it means "So Only Half Naked Sluts"? But that one didn't take off...

Ok roll call:
- JC Rodriguez plays Guitar.
- Luis Trevino plays Bass.
- Lawrence Mercado (me) plays drums.
- Alex Mendez plays with himself, and by himself I mean with his vocal cords, and by vocal cords I mean singing, and by singing I mean screaming.

10. You guys have a familiar yet distinctive sound. Who would you say are your inspirations?

Yeah for sure we got some. Refused, These arms are snakes (whom we got to record with in Seattle on out first full length), the Jesus Lizard, liars , this list goes on but we all are influenced by different genres of music and when we all bring our own tastes to the table to mix it together in a cohesive heavy sound it pretty much makes that Sohns sexy sound.

11. You got a big tour lined up! Who are you stoked to be performing with? What cities are you most looking forward to?

Well for a good big part of our tour is with our best friends The Reptilian (check them out) they are an amazing band and I can't wait to see then at every night. As for city's we have a huge two day festival in Virginia put together by our label Flannel Gurl Records. Also Boston was so fun the last time we were there and looking forward to that. Chicago and especially Canada, I've never been and I've always wanted to go there, and that we get to play there is a double whammy.

12. Big things homie! Any other rad projects you're currently working on and have coming out?

I'm in one production in two movies due to shoot in September and October and two Comic Conventions that I'll be doing with a good friend of mine Anthony Guajardo he's was in the first season The Walking Dead. Plus we are also shooting two music videos and a promotional video for your very own CREEP STREET, the concept is awesome! As for Sohns when we get back we will be getting to work on our second full length .

13. Can't wait dude! Your latest video single Abomination is something else! How did you fellows come up with the song?

When we write we like it to be a natural thing that's not forced but still has the energy to keep the listener interested. This song is a perfect example of us being able to start heavy and end heavy with the grove trapped in the middle. JC and Luis did a great job holding it down on this one.

14. Looks like everyone might have had too much fun. Any fun stories you'd care to share during the making of...or more importantly the aftermath?

Ha! Yeah I almost kinda died in that Pikachu can actually see in the video when I come down the slide I don't get up right away due to the fact that I could movie cause the suit soaked up all the water like a giant sponge. It was bad. As for the "aftermath" a lot of us don't remember most of that stuff in the video so it was kinda like our first time seeing it too haha.

15. Super stoked for you and the boys. Even more stoked to have you as part of our Filthy Few family. Tell the creeps where they can keep up with your music, events, and projects!

It was my pleasure sir. NotBotFx and Sohns are honored to be apart of this Fantastic Filthy Few Family! Thank you again of this opportunity to chat man. Big things to come between Creep Street, NotBotFx and Sohns!

You know it!

Creep up with SOHNS!

Creep up with Lawrence!
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