Sunday, June 17, 2012


As a man I always like to say I don't want daughters due to the simple inevitable fact that they will all go through a little hoochie phase (it's inevitable) at some point in their lives, and I'll have to discover it on the internet (because I'm a perv) one day. Then I think about how well my sister turned out, and I kinda wish she went through one so she'd actually be cool & introduce me to all her hot slutty friends (she has none). And then I think about myself & how my dad (where ever he is in this fucking world) would be like "WTF happened to you?!".

But then I think about how fucking rad of a dad I'd be cause shit, look at me! And I'm going to beat my kids so they don't turn out like YOU! Hahaha jokes aside, this is really about all the people who are proud to be good dads, good husbands, and good kids to their cranky father's. Show them you love that they beat me to sperminating your mother – because if I was really your father, you'd have a whole new set a problems that not even having a light saber would solve.

Happy Father's Day :)

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