Friday, June 22, 2012


It's cleanup time!

We will be closing the shop this Sunday as we prepare for some FRISKY BUSINESS! The super late Spring Summer drop is finally among us. I will be dropping teasers on Instagram & Facebook when I get back from the East Coast in July so stay posted! In the meantime, get your orders in while you still can!

By Anonymous

Though it's of no surprise being in the business this long – we always run into calendar & production issues but we will make sure it is all worth the wait! A SHIT LOAD of surprises for you this summer including a special night of celebration in late July (won't reveal it yet). I think our Los Angeles lurkers will be pleased! And again, thanks for Partying All Night & Creeping All Day. Ya'll make every single fucking shirt worth making. Now show me your tits!

CREEPER CAM! Props to the creep who took the picture of the picture. Anyway, Happy Friday fuckfaces. It's the weekend, time for a lot of Creeper Cam action! Forever Filthy!

Ladykiller Changstein Jr,. Esq.

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Anonymous said...

Yo I love this Fucking shiiiittt to death. And I'm hyped about some new gear. Oh and I got a blow job while I was rocking the hello? Hot bitch tee on tues. No lie. Have a killer w.end brahs