Friday, April 20, 2012


Nothing like being in San Francisco for this 420 shit, and I don't even smoke that much...guess this West Coast lifestyle is about to change a whole shitload of things...kinda bummed the Wiz/ASAP show got sold out but oh wells, more time to chill with some beezies! Have a safe & fucking ridiculous Friday creepers!

What more of a perfect time to rock our Smoke Till You Croak goodness too! Think we got a few left in store, perfect for ANY day in my opinion. Better be seeing some serious Insta/Twittering today! Get high on life, get on another level, and GET BENT!

And guess what?! I'm gonna give you guys all free shipping starting next Monday too as we make room for some new FRISKY BUSINESS Creep Street goodies! Yes, you can thank me later. With n00dz.
You guys are the fucking best!
Sirob the Ladykiller!

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