Monday, March 19, 2012


Because 2012 is the year of Juicy J. Just Sayin'...

And because light skinned shorty in the video needs to be my wife. Just sayin'!

Got a few overdue photos to share too (REALLY behind on them) so here's some pics from Art Basel Miami I forgot to share back in December 2011! Editing is a bitch, especially when half your pics are of tits hahaha ;) I will post best of January 2012 later this week, then February, and then finally March! :) Time fucking flies when you get only 3 hours of sleep every night...

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I've lurked some other peeps that covered the weekend as well. Most notedbly Rony & Mr. Last Nights Party himself. Kinda trippy looking back thinking you're standing right next to the person you have no idea is & blogging the same shit. Bumping into the Arab Parrot was some funny shit too. The world is actually one big refection of the internet these days. Ugh makes me sick! LOL. Reminds of the time I shook hands with a serial killer, but I'll save that story for another time.

Someone get me a zip & a double cup por favor...MURDER MONDAYS!!

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commodore sixty four said...

ha the arab parrot is the only hipster i can stand