Monday, February 06, 2012


Now this is a little more like it. I really need to stop telling people what New York used to be hahahhaa!

Fuck that other shit new yorkers say video - they shoulda called it "shit people who moved to new york for 5 years and think they know the city say." ;)

And speaking of NY - Giants take the fucking championship! Do I really give a fuck about football? NO. Do I love shit talking to all the homies back in Boston? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY. Great commericals as usual (Godaddy for obvious reasons, Flava Flav in that Pepsi hit made me LOL, and Budweiser speniding a ga-zillion bucks, but I think that all the car commercials took the cake! Super funny & well thought out. Swag Bueller!!).

As for Madonna's performance...all I'll say is that she had to pay the NFL not to ask Lady Gaga to perform hahahaha! She looked pretty good for 50+...but real talk, some celebrities need to stop trying to re-live their past and know that they were great and let things be. Just Saying! HOWEVER – her whole [She-Ra cheerleading meets 300 let's get Nicki & M.I.A, Cee-lo & LMFAO to help my career] performance was a relief from last years Black Eyed Peas performance though. Is lip-syncing and bad dancing during like a normal thing for big shows these days? SMH...ok no more hate, props to the original homegirl that rocked our 80's lives straight into Erotica.

Remember when they used to put movie clips into music videos for soundtracks?!

Ladykiller Changstein, Jr. Esq.

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