Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today we give a spotlight to a Southern Cali sweetheart very dear to the creeps. Megan Renee rocks a Pin-Up steez to a different degree. Although laced with tats on tats on tats, she still manages to still keep her edge yet gently grace your magazine covers & computer screens. Megan has been on everything from the covers of Skin Art to Tattoo Magazine and much, much more! Welcome to Boner City!

1. They call me Megan Renee
2. I get money by Modeling and selling prints
3. I rock everything.
4. I eat a lot of corn nuts and chocolate milk
5. I can bend over backwards ;)
6. I will one day rule this fucking world.
7. I love my dogs and my weed.
8. I hate snobby bitches and lairs.
9. I take candy from small children.
10. Creep Street is the shiat <3

Now I don't really know much about Megan except that she's a rad ass chick, smokes rad ass weed, has a rad ass dog, a rad ass kid and a rad ass butt. Did she know I was a sucker for heels & pinups or what?! I swear some of you women were put on this earth just to fuck with me!

So when Megan wanted to get down with the Creeps, I obviously said fuck yea, she went and took some pics, and here's a piece of the action! Enjoy.

We get down with Megan Renee any day. Did I mention she has an amazing butt?

This chick kicks ass. Thanks for being so patient for your Creepette post, don't think for a second you aren't on our minds! ;) You can creep Megan on her Twitter & Facebook & Tumblr & your wet dreams.


commodore sixty four said...

Capital job chums this chick is aces!

Anonymous said...

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