Sunday, May 15, 2011


Finally made it to the Hollywood Hills for the first time in my fucking life. Thank god for GPS seriously...

Ryan looks like he has a baby grown Mexican on his lap.

Thanks Ryan or bringing me to the battle at the Berrics & kicking it living the rad LA lifestyle – you are a true prince! Mike finally got a job, sup to the cats at Royal Elastics! Richard, Wally, Allen & Mikey & the rest of the Triumvir/Orisue family stay faded we're doing big things this year! Also got to hang out with the filthy folks at CRAP in the Party Mansion! Fuck yea Nick can we finally get those long overdue collab shades out now?! Peter where the fuck are you?!

I miss the west coast already, but I'll be back in June for BORN FREE 3!

Till next time bitches!

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