Saturday, March 26, 2011


BRRRRR! Today I introduce you to another filthy femme fatal of the Creep Street family. So where should I start?! Hailing Dirty Jersey as her home, Ms. Vandal likes zombies, graffiti, manicures, horror & fashion. SOLD! Expect a rad post time to time from hers truly as it will definitely be a treat, just don't get tricked!

They call me: Ms. Vandal; Cunty McCunt Cunt if you're nasty!
I get money by: selling vampire blood. that shit makes you feel like Chuck Norris! -__- lol
I rock: papers. scissors. shoot!
I eat: Chinese people. I mean, Chinese FOOD...BRAINS!
I can: not take life too seriously.
I will: never, ever grow up!
I love: anything heavily gore filled and horror related. you know, usually the ones that consist of a mass-psycho murderer killing white girls with big ta`tas.
I hate: the ordinary.
I take: dreams and turn them into nightmares. spawn of Freddy Krueger - never sleep again, bitches!
Creep Street is: the soul mate of my closet.

official website:
official twitter: @MsVandal

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