Monday, March 28, 2011


So by now most of you will have watched the All Of The Lights Kanye/Rihanna video, with 10 seconds of Cudi. Err. Some of you might have also discovered that this great concept by Hype Williams actually came from Gaspar Noé's Enter The Void, a super cool indy French film from 2009. I can't discuss the movie, as I have yet to see it, but all I can say is that it looks fucking awesome. A futuristic Akira-esque, Lost-In-Translation meets Requiem of a dream type steez of movie. And if you've read about the film, you'll also discover that the production and story value are top notch as well. This one's definitely on my list.

I didn't like Kanye's video too much...and I don't really know what the hell Rihanna is wearing either (though she still looks good). Overall, Yeezy coulda def killed it way more as he did with Runaway given how much money he spends on this shit.

What I can see as a homage somehow got lost in interpretation as just showing Kanye trying too hard to be innovative. He should have just had Noé's design team do his damn video, did less standing on police cars, and called it a fucking day! I even almost felt I would have liked the video more if it had more of the poetic undertones of the beginning. No? Oh whatever, who the fuck cares, it's still better than anything I can fucking do on my own dime, so with that being said, take some mushrooms and enjoy another Yeezy jam. Light this week on fire...thought that might have double meaning as I'm doing my taxes today. Ick.

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