Sunday, February 27, 2011


Cuz well, nothing is new or original under the sun, hell I love flipping shit (haha suck it), but too many people have been sending me this shit so I might as well just post about it, before we start getting yelled at for biting Kr3w instead. I love(d) Kr3w, but this whole let's be Comune (and for all you Satan is Waitin' did it come from Corey Smith idiots it's a comic from Bill Everett in the 1950's geez!) with our new Denim Company is not sitting so well with us real tiny, tiny companies :(. Especially, when everything about your company used to be about something ENTIRELY different...I digress.

Exhibition A) Creep Street ©2008

Exhibition B) Kr3w ©2010

Oh wells, no hate. Those shitty hats we dropped are getting a face-lift anyway ;). I won't be sour cuz it's fucking whatever to be honest. But hey, I like to feed the trolls once in a while! It just really means it's time to step up the Creep Street game! As for our fans – keep us growing guys, we want to take over the world!! We are the Forever Fucking Filthy! Strictly positive vibes here, so may only the best shit heads win! Only rats win a rat race remember????

Getting money is a top priority, but remember you'll have to each your kids about integrity one day.
-Ladykiller Changstein

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