Sunday, February 06, 2011


Apparently Miss Haguilaera messed up some lyrics (how does one even? We've been singing this shit since elementary school), but I ain't mad, blonde Snookie still killed it tonight. And she's single now. Did you really think it would last with that shmuck?!

Personally I hate American football. The only reason I watch it is to talk a shitload of shit to my friends. And eat buffalo wings. And not necessarily in that order (I had pasta tonight). And while I'm on the subject of football – I actually hate Korean pop music as well. But nothing makes me hate both them more at the same time than this following video. But maybe I'm sour because every Korean girl I've tried dating has also tried to cut off my little dick, more than once. Unsuccessfully as you can see!

via Street Carnage

Unfortunately, it does not mean I still wouldn't run every chick in that lineup. Because I would. However, even more unfortunately, the Black Eyed Peas make these chicks look like a Michael Jackson concert in the early 90's. Ain't no amount of neon running men or dancing Usher's or guitar wielding Slash's gonna make that shit any better. Dammit Slash, how could you do that to Axl rose like dat?! And don't blame the sound guy either, who has probably hung himself by now. Geez. Pretty funny commercials overall, except for that damn Eminem who keeps appearing on my TV confusing the shit out of everyone. A buncha fan boys are gonna buy Chevies drinking Brisk Tea now. GREAT. Damn you America, playing practical jokes on everyone, one war at a time!

And movie trailers! The new movie trend (you can thank that damn James Cameron for his blue interracial African-Indo aliens for this), is on that whole "epic shit" steez. I mean Cowboys & Aliens?! WTF. I'm curious to see more trailers from that Spielberg joint Super 8 (sound like a Japanese energy drink), and the new Transformers is always fun to watch. But seriously I love Marvel, and most of their flicks kick ass (Thor looks pretty rad), but something seriously fuckingsmells in their marketing dept that says "Oh my we can just make all his money off just making movies off Superheroes!"). Though you can't really blame them, considering the shit amount of movies Hollywood has been making in 3D as of recent. This is what happens when you use Tumblr I guess.

May the worst team win! Creep Fast Die Last!

GO DOLPHINS! LOL. We know the Packers have already won, I mean let's be honest, there won't be any bumpin' Black 'N' Yellow anytime soon...

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touchdown! i'd sack that!