Thursday, December 02, 2010


Since I had a nightmare in the airport where I was late to check in by 20 min., put on standby for a flight 3 hours later that was overbooked only to confirm that currently, I must be at the airport in 3 hours for a 5am flight, I might as well finish this perverted week off on a crazy note! Thats 7 hours in the fucking airport!! Apparently my patience has grown exponentially as of today, and so has the flexibility of my not so flexible schedule. Which leads to today's post.

Gymnast chicks have always weirded me out. Here's why:



via Totalprosports

I know some of you fellas are totally into this shit... I get it, she can do this and how how hot is that...but I don't know! Oh yea now I remember! It's the fact that they can put they're fucking feet in front of their faces and be just chillin' there and smiling like it's all jello (like they're spines). Yes, they would be awesome in bed? Porbably! But this is what you have to think about every damn time!

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Riku said...

Hahaha....nice touch to a great post. That Exorcist scene scared the shit out of me when I saw it in the theaters(remake).