Friday, January 22, 2010


So umm I discovered this thing today...thanks Katie! (I almost got her to pose in a store but was unsuccessful...this time...)I felt compelled to share this amazing Australian 'thingy' with my fellow men, as I'm sure you'll appreciate it almost if not more, than I already do. THE WICKED WEASEL! I felt guilty surfing the website for fuck's sake!

I mean this shit is perfectly engineered! The cut, the fabric, the ergonomics (hahaha obviously made by a dude). Women say it's super comfortable! It's like wearing nothing! Stupified, I ask them why they bother to wear it at all?! Then much more fun is it to ALMOooOoST see the creepy goodness?! They get really fucking creative sometimes too!

EXACTLY. I'll take submissions of all you ladies rocking your wicked weasels and you'll get FREE Creep Street stuff! PROMISE! The Creep Street Panty Parade™ will only get better!



Reggie said...
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Reggie said...

you're mad late.


hahaha sorry im not expert perv status yet.