Thursday, March 29, 2007


It has come to my attention that the world's tallest man, from Mongolia, has a girlfriend, whom he soon hopes to marry. Apparently there is one taller man from Russia (but did not go to Guiness for publicity) but whatever, at that point you're just one size: and that's BIG MUTHAFucKA!

Fuck I need a picture of his girlfriend NOW! Apparently she's a 5'6'' secretary from China.

I have mixed feelings about this because...what about the tallest woman in the world?! Who the fuck is she gonna date huh? I mean shit dag you gonna just leave the girl next door hangin like that?! fucked up man, fucked up...

yah...i know what you;re thinking...that she looks like a man too...but yo! be real!

Your friend,

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