Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Get it?! Gory?! Harharhar!! SO Warrup Fuckfaces?! Creeping it Real kidz?! Well, Boris is currently listening to:

Okay. So I was lucky enough to get a free pass to watch that new epic motion picture 'Blades of Glory', and safe to say, it you like Ron Burgundy...see this shit.

A lot of Puma sponsoring going on in there. Adidas too. Still wonder why the hot Puma shit never makes it to our stores. I think I'll shoot our buyers one day. SO - with figure skating in mind...guess who makes a cameo?

THAT'S RIIIIGHT?! Good ol' Naaaaancy Kerrigan. And what do we remember the most about Ms. Kerrigan? THAT'S RIIIIIGHT!! Not her seamless triple axle but the fact that she got beat the fuck up with a bat by that psycho bitch...haha...wait...what's her name? THAT"S RIIIIGHT!! Tonya Harding. While Nancy looks on par...I wonder how good ol' Tonya Harding is up to these days...

WAWAWEEWAHHHHH!! Wait, Boris, how do you know that's her?! What?! Oh Fuck off!

WTF??!! Ok Ok so the girl had no where to turn after the incident. You can't blame the poor child...Apparently not too late after her incident she became a devout born again Christian (go fucking figure...I still wodner if the nude was before or after...) BUT YO - CHECK IT - this is what the bitch is up to these days...

I don't think it's working out for you Ms. Harding I'm sorry.

Ok Ok...so she gained a little weight. Nothing Britney Spears and a little rehab couldn't handle right?

Oh the good ol' days...

Why did you do it?! Oh why?!

Man all this athletic competition sets me up perfectly for the Creep Street pic of the day. I mean, a true athlete has got to do whatever it takes right?!

Shit is crazy these days. But before I head back to NYC this weekend (hopefully it'll be smoother this time)...I have to show you the pics from Sweden and of course as promised, how Boris fucked his hair up?! Not as Creepy as Chips, but oh well, that's what makes this blog so much cooler than the other ones DUHHHH!!

B-Ron the Don

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nairB siloS fuckeR said...

TANYA HARDING NUDE on the lawn pic?!?! omfg.. it looks like she sat on her ice skate and got a nasty cut.. ouch..