Friday, March 30, 2007

Chip-Set: People personsss

I'm feeling sentimental today.. maybe it was that Cindirella track "You don't know what you've got (till it's gone)" or maybe it's because I find myself in a brand new city full of possibilities. It made me think about when I first arrived in Boston.. all the rad encounters,experiences, people & places I've managed to find my way into. Don't think for a second I'm getting mushy, I'm talking about the STREET PEOPLE!!

& with the choice climate & geographic approximation to the boarder I'm sure I'm in for one hell of a ride here in San Diego!

How many people know about Mr Butch!

I'm not really convinced how STREET this dude really is anymore..(check that leather coat homeboys got on) Mr Buth is usually drunk/high & trying to fuck college bitches in Alston, but the mothafucker has his own website! (check out the video clips, totally worth it) AND he's on Wikipedia!!! Don't believe me? here ya go:

or how about THIS MOTHERFUCKER!!!
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how can you really deny the tricycle dude a spot on Creep Street. This dude IS Creep Street!!!

Now, I could go into detail about what this guys deal is.. but i'll leave that to him:

another lesser known Boston "crazy", but guess who comes to save the day?!

This dudes come really close to plowing Boris & I over more than a few times.. I also recall we went out to Dick's Last Resort in Faneuil Hall (don't ask) and we saw this dude wildin' the fuck out at the bar.. rollin around and shit. it was rad cause it was like a tuesday evening so it was basically business dudes & families there for dinner & shit, classic!

Anyone seen that dude who rides the Razor Scooter dressed up like the Grim Reaper?? He usually chills around Copley & shit.. I don't think he's really a true "person of the street" but more of a mega-geek, but whatever - They're all welcome here tho.

In Bermuda they celebrate their Street people. Take Johnny Barnes for example.

Rain or shine, he can be found waving to passing traffic at the Trimingham Hill roundabout in Hamilton, Bermuda from roughly 4:45 am to 10 am. He is known to say "I love you, I love you," to passing commuters during the morning rush hour into Hamilton.

The people of Bermuda were feelin' the fuck outta this street creep so much they gave him a fucking STATUE.. I'm not making this up.

on a fairly unlrelated note, I found this funny internet game. It's all about the whole Aqua Teen Terror thing in Boston, enjoy!

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ryan said...

haha classic post. my dad use to pay mr butch to help him clean up back when he was the GM for the rathskellar in landsdowne. he use to let him play on stage once in a while too. i guess BU campus police made him leave landsdowne and now hes in allston.