Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chip-Set: Wyld Animalz

Animals are never to be trusted.

With that being said we must learn to respect their radness. Humans need to stop assuming that they're the hot shit, cause if sharks had lungs & feet we'd totally be extinct by now. Animals can & WILL get agro when nature callz.

Case in point:

Rat Chews Off Baby's Face.

A Kansas City family is dealing with the aftermath of finding their four-week-old baby in a pool of blood; her nose and part of her upper lip had been chewed off by rats. The parents were awakened at 8:40am by a heart and breathing alarm used to monitor the premature infant. It's believed that the scent of milk/ formula or vomit is what attracted the rodents.

F U C K ! ! !

& what's more bad ass than Sharks & Dinosaurs?? How about a PREHISTORIC DINO SHARK!!!

yeah.. I'm sooo psyched i'm not making this shit up! Can we please clone some of these bitches?!

We really have a long ways to go before we can achieve the epic radness that's contained within these creepy creatures.

I salute the following homosepiens who are paving the way for us:

until next time creepers...

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