Monday, April 02, 2007


You know, I couldn't find the picture of that guy in Boston that rolls around on his Razor Scooter with a huge grabage bag attempting to kite sail or some shit like that. I mean he's sorta in a business suit with a helmet and other types of protective gear. In certain aspects he could be potentially be pretty badass, except at this point in society he just looks like a complete douchebag. No pun intended. So if someone can please post a photo of him somewhere...I will be oh so delighted.

I think one thing that Chip was around for in Boston was the Charlie Ticket.

It's like the NYC Metrocard, but kinda papery and ultimately, sort of like the city of Boston, fahking retahded. Mind you when I moved here 2 years ago we were still using tokens!! And it was $1.25 to travel!! That I didn't mind so much except Boston thought it might upgrade to the Charlie Card.

Not to be confused with the Charlie Ticket...the Card is actually PLASTIC...and you can just scan and pass though the new gates that look like airport anti-terrorist devices. Mind you the Charlie ticket is STILL for sale for tourists ans quick runs, but it'll cost you $2 to ride. SHIT. Maybe if your trains ran half as fast as nyc Subways did that might be ok but that's the fuckin same price as that damn NYC metrocard price hike! BUT OK - Boston says there's a catch! And it ain't no fucking crabs. If you use the Charlie CARD - it'll only cost you $1.70. ....Don't ask why out of all the fucking numbers they go with, they decide on 70 fucking cents. Because when you add value at the goes in increments of $5's and $10s. WTF!! I dunno, maybe it's easier for taxes or sum shit.

But hey, at least one real awesome thing came out of Boston this year boys & girls!!! WHOLY SHIT YOU BETTER ADD HIM ON MYSPACE!!


Tonight Miss NY will either Take a CHANCE or choose to TANGO!! BE THERE!! I'll give you a quick recap of the past episode later tonight...

And th-th-th-th-THAT"S ALL FOLKS! Big post to come - in your face! Except I think Chip forgot one thing about Boston Bum's:


Sigh...sometimes I beg to differ. But that's probably only because I'm getting no play.

later kids.
Boris Changstein

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