Thursday, January 25, 2007

Be Somebody

some real O.G. shit.

get on board fam. we need to teach the seeds.
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I've decided to set out on a mission: To crack the case of the Bowflex commercial that's been haunting me for months now... maybe you've seen it:

"My name is Michael Polinko, I'm 49 years old and im in the best shape of my life. and im living my dream, im playing in a rock band.

How can a 49 year old man look so young and strong? He strength trains with BOWFLEX.

You gotta see this free dvd, it'll change your life!"

This commercial really hit a chord for me (pun INDENDED) don't ask why I’m so fascinated with it I really don't know... the sheer homoeroticism of everything is really over the top. a bald - sweaty - shirtless - middle aged dude with funny facial hair - rocking out.. it was too much, I had so many questions - So I set out to find out a few things...

I hit up Google, Yahoo, etc.. with little success. I somehow I found myself looking through a message board and found something. I couldn't believe I was not alone in wonderment of this commercial. People were saying that it was all PR bullshit and the whole idea of him being in a band was completely fictitious and there was no way this dude was actually in a band & to be honest - that theory is completely believable - but I wasn't going to stop searching, I needed to find out for myself.

I not only uncovered the true idenity of Mr Polinko, but I found his band’s website (they’re called Torque…FUCK!!!), & even his own personal MySpace Profile! You may find this research a bit creepy, but I just wanted to get to the truth. Maybe I should be a detective.

Here’s his MySpace profile, I’d add him as a friend if I were you:

Nathan Neff and Torque at The ClockTower.

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aYO, if you’re in or around Staunton, VA – I HIGHLY suggest checking this out:

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