Thursday, January 25, 2007

Look What Adopting a Seal Can Do!


This California sea lion made headlines nationwide after swimming 60 miles up a river and then climbing onto the trunk of a patrol car. The Center rescued the 600-pound Chippy and when our veterinarians examined him, they discovered a bullet lodged in his head. Human interaction, such as harassment, entanglement in fishing gear, or gunshot wounds, accounts for around 16 percent of injuries seen at The Center. Under the 1972 U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act, it is illegal to harm or harass any marine mammal. Fortunately for Chippy, the bullet was successfully removed; he was nursed back to health and released back to his ocean home.

Thank you for your generous donation and for making a difference in the life of a marine mammal like this former patient.

Open young eyes to a new world.
Each year, 30,000 school children learn to appreciate marine mammals through educational programs from The Marine Mammal Center.

Pick up where nature left off or where man interfered.
Injured or malnourished marine mammals are nursed back to health then returned to the wild.

Affirm the importance of ocean health.
Marine mammals and humans eat from the same food chain; their health is directly related to ours.

Bring new life to endangered species.
Artemis, rescued as a pup, gives birth to a Stellar sea lion pup of her own on Año Nuevo Island.

Advance ocean rescue techniques.
When a humpback whale was entangled in crab pot nets off the San Francisco coast, rescue divers cut her free.

Adopt a Marine Mammal Now!
They could really use your support.
Click on any of the pictures you see on the right to adopt a marine mammal. You may also place an order by calling (415) 289-7339.

NEW! Join our Adopt-a-Seal® Marine Mammal of the month club. For one year, you or your loved one will receive a series of different marine mammal adoptees, complete with their biography and color photo. You’ll also receive one edition of the most current newsletter, Release. Your first Adopt-a-Seal® will arrive within 2 weeks, and the others will be shipped each month after. It will make a lasting impression! Click here to join the Marine Mammal of the Month club

What they get:

Each Adopt-a-Seal® represents thousands of other patients that need The Marine Mammal Center’s help. Every dollar of your tax-deductible gift will go toward buying fish and medicine for current patients and to supporting our mission of rescuing and caring for seals, sea lions, dolphins and other marine mammals that need help. Donations also fund research into marine mammal diseases and education about the importance of ocean health.

What you get:

For a minimum donation of $30, you will receive:

photo of your adoptee
personalized certificate of adoption
animal biography
recent issue of our newsletter, Release
satisfaction you have helped a marine mammal in distress
For an additional $10, we’ll include The Marine Mammal Center’s calendar.* The calendar features compelling color photography and stories about the patients that we treat. *From January through August, the current year calendar is available. From October through December, the next year’s calendar is available.

Also available for an additional $10 is a copy of Smithsonian’s Sea Lion Roars, a children’s book (ages 5-9) chronicling a sea lion pup rescue by The Marine Mammal Center.

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