Sunday, November 17, 2013


So I've been trying to get back more into shooting despite a really challenging schedule. When the luxury of time presents itself I find myself sleeping or just getting fucking stoned, then sleeping lol. Those who follow us might know I shoot pretty much all the seasonal look books myself (for better or worse). I'm such a sucker for natural light & if it was more affordable I would shoot EVERYTHING in film if possible. The following was shot with my digital first gen 5D, with very basic editing. Why fuck with things already beautiful in nature right? Right.

I shot these pics back in August in East London & got so caught up that I barely had time to post let alone edit them. Be sure to follow Rachel Notonix - a bomb babe that is all smiles & yes, she skates too! Glad to have her as part of the Creep Street family. Most of the tees pictured below are now sold out, but if you ask nicely we just might bring them back! Hope you enjoy them & yes, if you pretty ladies ever want to shoot with the Ladykiller himself feel free to email me at Pretty girls make graves & we all know my life is already 6 feet under. Love, Boris.

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