Tuesday, November 26, 2013



So we like, need way more titties & gore & fucked up shit on this blog like we used to. People used to get so offended about that shit I'd actually have to hear about it during the day – "YO WHERE DO YOU FIND THAT STUFF!" I've been so freaking busy and I got all rad this shit to post but I forget to so I'm just going to write a run on sentence about it in order to feel better about the whole situation until it actually becomes resolved. Here's also some tits & shit because it's like, Tits Out Tuesday or whatever the fuck you kids with no lives come up with & all that & like yea, have a great fucking day because mine doesn't ever like to seem to end! And FUCK YOU THANKSGIVING because turkey sucks dick. lol.

This is probably one of our favorite Titty Tuesdays to date. I mean it's like art. Give me the drug that makes me think I'm fucking 2 identical hot bitches at the same time. I guess I can always fuck 2 hot identical twins, but we all know there's a better chance of tripping on a sidewalk & crashing into a store window breaking all the mannequins shattering the cash register and killing 5 people in the process. Where does the mind go? Amazing.

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