Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Posted this everywhere, but fuck it I'm gonna post it again! It's the picture of all pictures for this month. Whoever read the Creeps' mind & shopped this deserves a free tee.

Quite honestly sick of reading about Hannah Montana, but here I am writing about it too. ARGH! It's called PR 101 – she isn't sorry and it's the fucking VMA's not the Presidential Inauguration. She's got every radio, website, blog, tweet, instagram post talking about her which is what we in the Entertainment Industry call pretty fucking genius. She could have dressed like a nun and everyone would have made a fuss about her being sacrilegious or something. Ask more than half of America if they know the Bill of Rights they'd have no damn clue but they'll know exactly what Miley Cyrus tweeted last week. Get the fuck outta here with that shit!  I don't know all the Bill of Rights either but whatever I'm trying to make a cliche rant so let me have it!

If there is anything redeeming about her annoyingly catchy song & "interesting" 2013 VMA performance it's going to be the memes that follow. The Twerks of Art on Buzzfeed admittingly is pretty funny –

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