Friday, June 07, 2013


Recovering from a nasty little flu that crept up on the creep this past week, but happy to be able to resume normal activites! Trying to stay focused this weekend! Too bad the weather in the Bay is supposed to be super duper nice (JUST CAN"T WIN ANYMORE). Got these bitches in my life driving me crazy and all these fucking finalizations on the Summer collection digging me a early grave! Ugh.

Just gonna zone out like homegirl over here. Ironic how this hot hippie has perfectly shaped fake boobs yet is trying to be all spiritual about shit. Perhaps that's the point. Why is everything so confusing these days?!

Oh drugs...

Death to Molly! Well, use sparingly and be smart about shit. We ain't your moms. Live life to it's fullest, and enjoy your weekend fuckfaces! Creep it real & be yourself - everyone else is taken!

Love, -Ladykiller Changstein Jr., Esq.

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