Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hot damn we are so out of the loop sometimes with what kids are into these days. I've heard of Baaauer (only recently because he played a stupid show here) and his stupid Trapstep songs. I also know the Harlem Shake. And I like Youtube for the most part. This is what happens when you combine all three. It looks like they're all doing the Bernie to be honest. I wanted to post the chicks compilation video but them bitches were just plain awkward.

This one from the Norwegian Army apparently just went viral & takes the cake. Pretty hilarious plus that one random chick throwin bands.

And for the record...

JUST TRAP. Thanks for fucking another thing from the hood up. And for the kids that don't know shit that think Trap is part of the EDM craze better brush up on your research bruh before you end up at the wrong party!

P.S. your parents know about this shit now too so on to the next one ya bishHhHhh!

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