Monday, January 21, 2013


The only thing worse than paper cuts, are cardboard cuts. You ever get cut while putting a cardboard box together? That shit fucking sucks! I mean, getting your dick cut off is pretty bad too (shout out John Bobbitt), and so is getting cut in line. But probably the strangest type of cutting is the suicidal, self inflicted, fuck you some people have chemical imbalances I'm sad, upset, depressed and socially inept type. Which is why when 1 dumbass kid decided to post on the internet their strong disliking for Justin Bieber's new weed habit by cutting themselves, we decided to follow suit on what has become one of the worst (or best) online trends to start off the new year: #CUTFORBIEBER!!!! Go fucking kill yo' self!

Okay. So it was probably a fucking 4chan hoax. Still, some kids were dumb enough to start doing it, and still, these shirts are FUCKING HILARIOUSLY RAD. Our Super Special drop of #cutforbieber tees are finally up on our shop so umm yea, don't let these sell out cause we made like 5 shirts. MURDER WE WROTE™BABY!

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