Monday, January 14, 2013


How was your weekend kids? Didn't get to see Chainsaw 3D but got retardedly baked & finally watched Cabin in the Woods instead. Enjoyed it, but damn I hate CGI blood. Can't they hire an intern to mix a few hundred buckets of guts & fake blood or something?! Lazy motherfuckers. And since I was literally just watching Ghostbusters II on cable while writing this post – I guess it's a no-brainer to dedicate today's Music Mondays post to Bobby Brown before he became a domestic disaster! Real time bloggin' what a fuckin' concept!

We also have these awesome super duper limited edition, funny yet fucked up but mostly funny #cutforbieber shirts getting printed this week so we'll get those up for grabs as soon as possible. Just a perfect addition to the Murder We Wrote™ Collection really!

And now for the most important announcement! Since all you were wining so much we decided to drop the long anticipated Fuck Off! Beanies a little early as the rest of the Murder We Wrote™ Collection slowly trickles in...

Why?! Cause we fucking love you guys and don't want any of you ladies catching colds while taking & sending n00dz. Murder Mondays! Now hurry up & cop some!

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